01: A 30 Degree Evening at Sacre Coure

"It's really hot in Paris this week" Geoffroy R-b, the owner of the apartment I was about to rent, told me in a Facebook message. "Just warning". I touched down in Paris at 11am and by noon I was ready for a t-shirt change and a cold shower. Later that day I walked from my rented apartment in Batignolles to Sacre Coure with my mother, who'd arrived on the EuroStar from London for a night. We made it to the top in 30 degree heat, shortly after at 8 p.m., and took shelter in the church on the hill, before admiring the sprawling view below us, admitting defeat and catching the metro back to the 17th arrondissement, where we found a bustling overcrowded restaurant to rehydrate with €6 beers and pints of water.