04: Sunset with my Feet in Lake Annecy

A late arrival from Paris made it tempting to hole up in my budget accommodation on the outskirts of town until the morning. But something told the lethargic traveller in me to make a move, and with a banana in hand I took a gentle walk through the quaint town of Annecy towards the lake I'd heard was just on the other side. I found a small jetty, took off my sneakers for the first time that day, and dipped my feet into the clear bracing water. A family of ducks paddled past with a purpose, momentarily breaking the reflection of the mountains on the other side; a boat to my right fought unenthusiastically against the ropes keeping it in place, much like a tired horse resists against it's owner; and a pair of sweaty cyclists stripped down to their underwear and left their bikes unattended on the bank to swim and cavort in the waters to my left as darkness slowly descended on this lakeside haven.