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Best Scenic Train Routes in Europe

If you’re a fan of scenic rail routes, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Europe. The continent will treat you to an array of spectacular scenery, from dramatic mountains to crystal clear lakes, through vast forests and along stunning rivers. There are dozens of scenic train routes in Europe that have the potential to captivate and excite you, but here are 7 of the best.

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8 Spanish cities to visit by rail

Spain was a late bloomer when it came to rail transport. The country only finished its main-line rail network in the late 1800s – a good 25 years behind Britain. These days, you’ll find very few signs of this sluggish start to rail travel in Spain, particularly if you travel between major cities.

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On the road to Heartbreak Hotel

I squinted at the fluorescent menu shining brightly above the cashier's yellow hair and realised I had absolutely no idea where I was. If you'd asked me to point to my location on a map, I'd have aimed for somewhere near Alabama. I knew we were heading into the heart of the music capital of America, but more than that I didn't really need to know.

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