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Things to Do in Munich, Germany

Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, is the third largest city in Germany by population. In fact, there are 1.4 million people who live within the Munich city limits, and 2.6 million in the outlying suburbs. Yet with all these people, and all the things to do in Munich, the city manages to maintain a small town feel that’s utterly captivating.

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Things to Do in Berlin, Germany

In recent years, travelers and residents have touted Berlin as the big European city of the moment. Not in terms of size, necessarily, but in terms of presence. Unlike many popular European cities, there aren’t a lot of “must” things to do in Berlin. Rather, the secret to getting the most out of this inspiring capital city is not to look for the popular sights, but to immerse yourself in the energy, creativity, and gritty originality that has won Berlin fans the world over.

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