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Beating the budget in Barcelona

“Free dinner” – two words that have the ability to warm the insides of any thrifty traveller. Include them before “…and sangria,” and you’re pretty much guaranteed a deal. I smugly clicked “Book Now”, entered my details, and secured a dorm bed in a Barcelona hostel with an alarmingly high rating for “Atmosphere”.

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Things to Do in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, in the heart of Basque Country, is famous for its thriving nightlife and culinary prowess. But a few days in this beautiful coastal city will reveal that there’s a lot more to it than its hedonistic attractions. Stunning urban beaches blend effortlessly with an intriguing old town and it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

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8 Spanish cities to visit by rail

Spain was a late bloomer when it came to rail transport. The country only finished its main-line rail network in the late 1800s – a good 25 years behind Britain. These days, you’ll find very few signs of this sluggish start to rail travel in Spain, particularly if you travel between major cities.

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